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Government Model Senior Secondary School Sector 15-C, Chandigarh
Annual Result Of Class IX And XI (2019-20)    Annual Result Session 2019-2020

7 Days NSS Camp

7 DAYS NSS CAMP (16.12.2018 to 22.12.2018)

A 7 days special NSS camp was organised by the NSS units of Govt. Model. Sr. Sec. School, Sector-15C, Chandigarh under the supervision of NSS PO Mrs. Manpreet Kaur and Mr. Sukhpreet Singh from 16.12.2018 to 22.12.2018 in the school premises. Following activities has been carried out by Principal Mrs. Neena Kalia.

  • Day 1: Inauguration cleanliness of school campus, plantation, preparation of paper bags, inspiration lecturer by Mrs. Sunita.
  • Day 2: Visit to Dhanas, rally in sector-15 market & distribution of paper bags, painting on stage front area, Lecturer on food and diet by Mr. Davinder , Poster Making and prize distribution was also organised.
  • Day 3: Visit by Sh. Bikram S. Rana SLO, painting on wall entry area, plantation in NSS area and Lecture by Ms. Nilakshi on organ donation.
  • Day 4: Awareness and Poster Making competition, Painting of walls in parking area.
  • Day 5: Visit by Ms. Saroj Mittal DDSE-I, Lecture on traffic rules awareness by Mr. Gurnam Singh.
  • Day 6: Lecture on Health and Hygiene by Dr. Harman (PGI), Lecture on career counselling by Ms. Gauri (Footwear & Designing).
  • Day 7: Closing ceremony by Cultural activities & prize distribution to bests volunteers.