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Government Model Senior Secondary School Sector 15-C, Chandigarh
Annual Result Of Class IX And XI (2019-20)    Annual Result Session 2019-2020     COVID INFORMATION CORNER    Implementation of the Right To Service Act    Mandatory Public Disclosure
Allocation Of Seats – 5th Class

Allocation Of Seats - 5th Class

Help Desk Numbers
For Any Query Regarding Admissions Please Contact Concerened School.
Mrs. Baljeet Kaur8427462100GMSSS 15C CHD
Mr. Balinder9050191819GMSSS SARANGPUR CHD
Ms. Harjeet9814539115GSSS KHUDDA LAHORA CHD
Mr. Ashok8950139089GMHS 25 CHD
Mrs. Kamla9417673258GMHS KHUDDA JASSU CHD
Mr. Narender Kumar9416276528GHS SARANGPUR CHD


Sr.no.Name of the StudentFather's NameD.O.BClass School Alloted
1AniketSatish Kumar07-11-2010VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
2PoojaMantu Sharma08-04-2010VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
3Shivam KumarJitan Sahu07-04-2011VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
4PriyaNaresh Negi29/03/2010VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
5Raywant Pratap Singh ThakurBhanu Pratap Singh Thakur13-02-2011VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
6VinodNeelu01-04-2010VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
7AyushGanesh05-12-2010VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
8Karan KumarArun Kumar27-04-2011VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
9SavanArvind11-07-2009VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
10DakshVicky17-10-2010VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
11VaishnaviBhim Singh21-03-2010VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
12PurnimaMan Singh31-12-2008VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
13Gurdeep SinghAvtar Singh08-01-2011VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
14SushilPritam01-11-2007VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SEC 15C CHD
15Yashinder SinghChandeep Singh18-11-2009VthGOVT MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL SARANGPUR
16Aishvir SinghManvir Singh23-07-2010VthGOVT. SR. SEC. SCHOOL KHUDDA LAHORA
17SeemaBhagwa Das01-01-2010VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR
18RinkiHoush Ram03-09-2010VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR
19SejalVijay Kumar14-08-2010VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR
20SatyenderRamweshwar12-09-2010VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR
21SaritaVinod Kumar12-04-2010VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR
22Khushdeep KaurGurdeep Singh18-07-2010VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR
23ShaliniAnand Kumar12-03-2011VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR
24Prince Kumar MauryaHari Ram23-01-2011VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR
25Sumit KumarRudal Pandit01-01-2009VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR
26SakshiPawan Singh31-12-2009VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR
27Shivam NegiShriman Singh26-09-2008VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR
28DiyaNaresh Kumar10-01-2011VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR
29Palak ThakurPapil kumar31-08-2010VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR
30AradhanaSunil Rana06-09-2010VthGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL SARANGPUR