Government Model Senior Secondary School Sector 15-C, Chandigarh

Celebration of Swachhta Pakhwada from 1st Sep to 15th Sep 2018

Swachhta Shapath Day  (1st Sep,2018)

On this day Swachhta Shapath function was organized by the school. All the students and staff participated in this function and took the Swachhta Shapath.

Swachhta Awareness Day (2nd Sep to 4th Sep, 2018)
On this day the following activities were conducted.
1. A meeting was hold between SMC members, parents and teachers to highlight the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.
2. Students speak about swachhta in morning assembly.

Green School Drive (5th Sep, 2018)
The following activities were conducted on this day.
1. Tree plantation
2. Awareness among students about use of Green and blue dustbins for unrecyclable and recyclable wastes respectively.

Swachhta Participation Day (6th Sep, 2018)
On this day Quiz and Painting competitions on swachhta were organized in school.

Hand Wash Day (7th Sep, 2018)
Students were taught the proper method of Hand Washing.

Personal Hygiene Day (8th Sep, 2018)

Videos were shown to students to motivate them for maintaining Personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Community Awareness Day (9th & 10th Sep, 2018)

A rally was organized to aware the people about cleanliness in nearby areas of the school.

Swachhta School Exhibition Day (11th Sep, 2018)
On this day exhibition was organized in school campus to exhibit the importance of cleanliness.

Swachh Water Day (12th Sep, 2018)
1. Cleaning of water storage tanks.
2. Students were made aware about water borne diseases to promote safe drinking water.

Water Harvesting Day (13th Sep, 2018)

Lecture was delivered to students to aware them about various techniques of water harvesting.

Swachhta Hi Seva –Shramdhan (15th Sept,2018)