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Government Model Senior Secondary School Sector 15-C, Chandigarh
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Eco Club

Eco Club

Our school has a Eco Club which is dedicated to

Making our cumpus less wasteful

Raising awareness for eco-friendly causes

Promoting environmentally friendly habits like reducing,reusing, and recycling

Objectives of Eco Club

To inculcate the environment friendly habits in children.

To promote such activities which stop degradation of nature and improve the condition of our natural environment.

To inspire children to understand birds, animals and plants around them so as to consider them as citizens of the earth.

To help students to disseminate the massage of conservation of nature.

Incharge:- Mrs. Madhu Bala (TGT Social Studies)

Mob No:-7696613561

Eco Club Activities

Van Mohotsav

Tree Plantation activity was organized in order to celebrate Van Mahotsav by Mrs. Madhu in our school.Mr. Saurav Joshi chancellor was invited as a Chief Guest. Students of 7th to 12th class were involved in this activity.

Anti- Crackers Rally

An Anti-Crackers rally was organized to motivate the students to celebrate pollution free Diwali.This rally was organized collaboratively by Mrs. Madhu Bala, Mr. Sagar Singh, Mr. Sukhpreet Singh and Mr. Dalbir Singh.

Say No To Plastic Bags

This activity was conducted to motivate the students not to use the Plastic Bags collaboratively by Mr. Sagar Singh,Ms. Meenu,Ms. Harvinder Kaur,Ms. Madhu Bala. They aware the students about how the Plastic bags are harmful to our environment.

Salad Making Competition (7-11-2017)

Healthy Tiffin Competition (8-11-2017)