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Government Model Senior Secondary School Sector 15-C, Chandigarh
Fee Structure

Fee Structure

There is no fee from class 1 to Class 8 and for the rest of the classes Fund for all and tution fee only for boys. The detailed Fee Structure is as given below.
Nature of fee/fund Revised Rates         IX – X Revised Rates        XI-XII
Admission fee (once) 12/-  
Re- admission fee   17/-
Late SLC fee 1/- 1/-
Tution fee (per month) 37/- 50/-
Funds (annual)
Lib. Security (refundable)   125/-
Magazine 50/- 87/-
Excursion 62/- 67/-
Identity Card   12/-
Dilapidation   25/-
Building 15/- 30/-
Club/Society   25/-
Voc./ Guidance   15/-
Sports 25/- 27/-
Examination Stationery   50/-
Funds (Monthly)
Amalgamated 25/- 17/-
Audio visual Fund 6/- 3/-
Red Cross Fund 7/- 3/-
Health Fund 6/- 3/-
Examination/Stationery 20/-  
Child Welfare 7/- 7/-
Work Exp. 10/- 7/-
Cycle 2/- 3/-
Scooter/Moped   7/-
Voc. Sub. Fund   17/-
Chemistry/Physics Bio/Music/Dance/H.Sci.,F.Arts/Geo/Phy/Com Sc.  (per subject)   15/-
Science fund 7/-