Government Model Senior Secondary School Sector 15-C, Chandigarh
Our Mission

“SEMPER SURSUM” (Always Aim Higher)

I hereby submitting the school Mission statement of our school. In respect of this, I want to explain that the school will take various steps to increase and enhance the performance of school by taking following steps in the comingthree years i.e. up to 2020.

  1. To Nurture our students as useful citizens and future leaders by inculcating in them culture of excellence,
    innovation, creativity, high moral values passion for lifelong learning and a global prospective.
  2. Ensure access, retention and “Quality Education” for all students till 2020.
  3. Nurture academic excellence and lifelong learning till 2020.
  4. Develop scientific and rational thinking among the students.
  5. Develop aesthetic sense among the students through co-curricular activities.
  6. Cultivate socially acceptable behavior and ethical values.
  7. To develop teachers and child friendly relationship No more chalk and talk method. Every class in the school will have a class library and other learning resources.
  8. To Provide fear free environment to enhance regularity in student’s attendance and participation leading to improvement in learning levels.
  9. To create environment where expectations of parents are respected and their opinions are received with open mind.
  10. The gap between the intelligent and weak student will be reduced by lifting the morale of weak student so that they should come to the level of intelligent once. Extra coaching classes will be conducted of weak student by counseling, interacting with the parents and learning by doing.
  11. 100% target computer learning will achieve up to 2020.
  12. Mission Zero dropout from school up to 2020 if at all student leave school the parent will perused to bring back their ward to main stream.
  13. Try to initiate English medium school up to 12th. Presently up to 6th class we have English medium classes. It will meet the expectations of majority of the parents of school locality.
  14. Physical Health will be improved by doing Yoga and conducting Health camps in the school such as checking of eyes, HB, by deworming etc.