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Government Model Senior Secondary School Sector 15-C, Chandigarh
Resource Centre

Resource Centre

Our school has a resource centre which caters to the need of CWSN. It has all the facilities for CWSN. It caters to the need of intellectual disability, learning disability, hearing and speech impaired, visually impaired, cerebral pulsy and multiple disabled children. Resource center covers cluster and days of week are divided disability wise. Resource Teachers are available in the resource center according to their day fixed. Children from various schools come to resource center on the day fixed for them and get the necessary assistance from the R.T. Every R.T. visits the school allotted to them and acts as a link between the subject teacher and CWSN. In the resource centre there are 5 R.T’s under SSA including 1 for HI, 2 for LD,1 for ID, 1 for VI and 1 RT under RMSA. Education department has provided provision for ID children to enroll in NIOS and get the necessary help in resource centre.

The resource room provides the following facilities.

  • Support to CWSN (academic support and therapeutic support)
  • Support to general teachers
  • Organise physiotherapy camp
  • Organise speech therapy camp
  • Parents training and counselling
  • Distribution of aids appliance
  • Organise medical assessment camp
  • Provide HBE to serve and profound CWSN
  • Celebration for world disability day.
  • Excursion for CWSN
  • Prepare IEP of CWSN
  • Organise Small functions on festivals
  • Time to time art and craft support and other activities
  • Community sensitization.
  • Resource centre cover all five clusters (2,3,9,12,13)CWSN of all schools visited resource centre for academic and therapeutic support.