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Government Model Senior Secondary School Sector 15-C, Chandigarh
Annual Result Of Class IX And XI (2019-20)    Annual Result Session 2019-2020     COVID INFORMATION CORNER    Implementation of the Right To Service Act    Mandatory Public Disclosure
Sports 2012-2013

Sports achievements session 2012-13

Soft ball
U-19 Girls -2nd
U-14 Girls 1st
Base ball
U-19 Girls 1st
U-17 Girls 3rd
U-14 Girls 1st
U-14 Girls over all 2nd
U-14 Boys over all 2nd
U-17 Boys 3rd
U-17 Boys 2nd
U-19 Boys 3rd in javling
Participation in C. Kabaddi U-19 Boys.
Participation in Foot-Ball U-19 Boys.
Participation in Doge U-19 Boys.
National Position
Fancing Boys (1) U-14 3rd
Soft-Ball Girls (2) U-19 3rd
Base-Ball Girls(2) U-14 3rd
Dodge-Ball Boys (1) U-19 3rd
National Position
C. Kabbaddi U-19 Boys (1)
Yoga Boys (3)
Soft-Ball U-14 Boys (2)
Base-Ball U-14 Boys (1)
Soft-Ball U-17 Girls (2)