Government Model Senior Secondary School Sector 15-C, Chandigarh
Sports 2013-14

Sports 2013-2014

S.No Name of the team game Age Group Boys/Girls Name of student Position
1 Yoga U-19 (Boys) 2nd
2 Baseball U-14 (Girls) 1st
3 Baseball U-17 (Girls) 3rd
4 Soft Ball U-14 (Girls) 1st
5 Soft Ball U-17 (Girls) 3rd
6 Fencing U-19 (Boys) 3rd
7 Gymnastic U-19 (Boys) Acrobatic Men Pair Mohit & Dheeraj 1st
8 Fencing U-14 (Boys) EPEE & FOIL 3rd
9 Fencing U-17 (Boys) Individual EPEE Sachin 3rd
10 Fencing U-19 (Boys) EPEE & FOIL 2nd
11 Fencing U-19 (Boys) Individual FOIL Ramesh 3rd
12 Fencing U-14 (Girls) EPEE & FOIL 3rd
13 Fencing U-17 (Girls) SABRE & FOIL 3rd
14 Fencing U-17(Girls) Individual EPEE Aarti 3rd
15 Fencing U-19 (Girls) EPEE 3rd
16 Fencing U-19 (Girls) Individual FOIL Radha 3rd
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