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Government Model Senior Secondary School Sector 15-C, Chandigarh
Annual Result Of Class IX And XI (2019-20) And Date Sheet For Compartment Exam Of Class IX And XI (2019-20)    Annual Result Session 2019-2020
Special training centre

Special Training Center

Special training centre is being run at GMSSS- 15 under the guidance and supervision of Principal MRS. Neena Kalia, The purpose of S.T.C is to educate the students who are dropout or never enrolled. First they enrolled in S.T.C class then in regular classes with other students.

It is really a blessing to teach such children and catering their needs. One teacher is specially appointed for this purpose. It is multigrade teaching. We teach them through activity methods with learning material. It is interactive class where regular counselling has done and special attention has given to the each child that He/She could be main streamed as quickly as possible. Regular workshops has been organised regarding problems faced by these children problems. Regular meetings with parents to give knowledge regarding health and hygiene. Family planning and performance of their wards.